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Trustee responsibilities

“The Trustees have undertaken to abide by the important principles of transparency, accountability, and informativeness which are essential to an institution which seeks to attain and sustain a relationship of trust and credibility with its constituency of members.” Varindra Vittachi Letter Announcing the Establishment of the Foundation, New York, 1991

Trustee Positions

Trustees serve a four-year term. Terms are staggered to maintain stability through continuity. Half of the trustees rotate off the board every two years, but are eligible for reappointment, if willing, through the same procedure as new candidates.

Vacant trustee positions are announced every two years. The calls for nominations are posted in Subud publications and on websites in a minimum of three languages (English, Spanish and French). Nominations may come from national chairpersons through their zone reps, or from existing MSF trustees or from the WSC.

There is no compensation for being a trustee, however, trustees are reimbursed to attend the MSF annual meeting. Trustees must also sign a Conflict of Interest statement as well as a Non Disclosure Agreement.

How Trustees Work

The Foundations team of trustees strives to maintain the trust of its donors by working together harmoniously, free of self-interest. In our endeavors, we attempt to put God’s guidance into practice. We monitor all the assets of the Foundation carefully and use them wisely.

Subud members may consult freely with any trustee about donations and bequests they are considering. Funds provided by members are used in accordance with the stated purpose of the donor.