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Our Relationships

The Foundation bylaws permit the creation of relationships with other Subud Associations as well as the establishment of branches in member countries. This is done in situations where member countries cannot legally recognize international foundations, like MSF, to hold assets.

Relationship with the World Subud Association (WSA)

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation was created in 1991. It is a ‘Support Organization’ to WSA. As a Support Organization MSF is charged with conducting operations that would otherwise have to be carried out by WSA. To meet the IRS standard of a Support Organization MSF must be functionally aligned. This is achieved when trustees are appointed by WSA, officers are shared (the chairperson’s of both are ex officio members of the other board) and the MSF trustees and the WSA directors maintain a continuous working relationship that is achieved through joint annual meetings. Nonprofit organizations unable to meet principles set by the IRS place their tax-free status at risk.


Relationship with Yayasan Muhammad Subuh and Yayasan Subud

Yayasan Muhammad Subuh (YMS) was legally registered in 1989 as a charitable foundation based in Indonesia. YMS, manages two assets on behalf of MSF that are held for the WSA. As set out in a Letter of Agreement between WSA, MSF, and YMS, these assets are Adi Puri (formerly Bapak’s home) and the ‘Archive house’ in Wisma Subud, Jakarta.

Yayasan Subud was legally established as a charitable foundation in Indonesia in 1976. Its predecessor, Yayasan Dana Subud, was founded in 1959. Its purpose is to hold and manage assets in Wisma Subud, a residential compound in Cilandak, South Jakarta. The assets include the main Subud latihan hall, guesthouse, and some land within the compound. In 2006, Yayasan Subud established formal ties with the Foundation through the appointment of a then-trustee of MSF as one of its Patrons. Day-to-day work of Yayasan Subud continues to be carried out by its own board of management. An agreement between the organizations was signed in 2011 to more clearly define their relationship.

Relationship with Subud Canada

Subud Canada must comply with Canadian tax laws for registered charities wishing to make donations outside their country. Subud Canada established an agreement with MSF permitting members of Subud Canada to contribute to specific MSF projects and receive a tax deduction for their donation in Canada.