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MSF Trustee Appointment Process 2023-2024



The World Subud Association (WSA) kindly invites you to apply for the role of trustee for the Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF). We are looking to fill five vacancies at the World Congress in Kalimantan. Active Subud members around the world are encouraged to consider applying.

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation is the foundation of the World Subud Association. MSF is a non-profit organization registered in the USA. According to the bylaws of MSF, the Foundation trustees are appointed by the directors of the World Subud Association.

Please read below to learn about the role and responsibilities of an MSF trustee; the minimum criteria to serve as a trustee; how you can be nominated, and the timeline of the appointment process.

The deadline to submit applications is January 2024.


MSF Trustee Roles and Responsibilities:

The Trustees have undertaken to abide by the important principles of transparency, accountability and informativeness which are essential to an institution which seeks to attain and sustain a relationship of trust and credibility with its constituency of members.”
– Varindra Vittachi Letter Announcing the Establishment of the Foundation, New York, 1991.

The mission of MSF is to foster the worldwide growth and long-term development of Subud through the Latihan Kejiwaan as our founder, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, originally received it. The purpose of the MSF is to build a capital fund to sustain its mission. This capital fund maintains and invests Subud assets received through donations and bequests from members and enterprises. To achieve its mission, MSF currently directs its resources in the following ways:

  1. Supporting Subud groups in the purchase and capital improvement of their Subud properties.
  2. Supporting the travel of our international helpers to work with helpers and members in countries around the world.
  3. Providing funds that help preserve Bapak’s and Ibu Siti Rahayu’s written and recorded guidance relating to the development of Subud.
  4. Funds permitting, MSF supports affiliates (called Wings) recognised by the WSA that promote cultural, educational, social and humanitarian work for the human community.

The Foundation’s team of trustees strives to maintain the trust of its donors by working together harmoniously and free of self-interest. They monitor the assets of the Foundation carefully and use them wisely. Trustees are liable for any breaches of these financial responsibilities.


Term and Appointment Criteria:

Trustees serve a four to six year term, representing the time between world congresses. Terms are staggered to maintain stability through continuity. Half of the trustees rotate off the board at each world congress, and half at the WSC meeting mid-way between world congresses. Trustees completing their term are eligible for reappointment, if willing, through the same procedure as new candidates. Trustees can only be reappointed once.

There is no financial compensation for being a trustee; however, MSF covers the cost of trustees to attend the MSF annual meeting. Trustees must also sign a Conflict of Interest statement as well as a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The most important quality of a trustee is a deep understanding of the Latihan Kejiwaan. Trustees shall have an understanding of the Subud organisation, with proven experience working effectively, harmoniously and reliably within Subud. Outer skills and experience such as financial oversight, management of a foundation or non-profit organisation, communications, etc. are also valued, but not required.

The minimum qualifications required to perform the role of MSF Trustee are as follows:

1. Active Subud member for at least 7 years.

2. Understanding of the Organisation: Advisable that the applicant has knowledge of the Subud international organisational structure and governance, including MSF.

3. Have committee or helper experience working effectively, harmoniously, and reliably within our Subud Association.

4. Values: Honesty, integrity, ability to work with others from different backgrounds.

5. Availability to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours a week to the MSF working board and one or more sub-committees. Candidate must also be able to travel once a year for at least 7 days (costs covered by MSF).

6. Capacity to perform the role of trustee, such as:

  1.  To facilitate or serve effectively in the work of at least one of the MSF subcommittees (Finance, Investment, Personnel, Grant, Endowment, Communication).
  2. To communicate ideas and thoughts effectively and contribute meaningfully to discussion by email, zoom call and face-to-face meetings.
  3. Have basic understanding of budgeting and financial statements.

7. Basic English language skills are ideal, but not necessary. Translation services for board of trustee online calls and in-person meetings are provided by MSF. Documentation is in English so trustees will be expected to use an online translation program to read emails.

8. Internet access is required, because most communication and meetings are held virtually. Basic Computer proficiency in Email, Zoom, Microsoft Word and Excel is desired. Internal training, at no cost, on IT tools can be provided if needed.

9. Never convicted of a crime and not in the Sanction List or Politically Exposed Persons list. This is a brokerage requirement since Trustees deal in the trading of shares.

10.No conflict of interest with MSF and WSA.


Appointment Process:

Candidates are nominated by (a) the National Chairperson of their country, (b) the current MSF trustees, or (c) a member of the World Subud Council. Candidates are asked to test with their local and/or national helpers before submitting an application to whoever will be nominating them.

Any Subud member who meets the criteria may reach out to a nominator from a category listed above and ask to be nominated, and Nominators are also invited to reach out to potential candidates they think would be good trustees and ask them to apply.

Nominators submit the MSF Trustee Nomination Form 2023-2024 to MSF on behalf of the candidates they nominate: (1) Completed and signed nomination form, (2) Curriculum Vitae or description of work and life experience, and Subud positions held, (3) Letter of Intent responding to the criteria and describing why the applicant is applying and how s/he will add value, and (4) contact details for two Subud members who are willing to provide references for the candidate.

The deadline to submit documents to MSF ( is January 15, 2024. We encourage you to apply early, as applications will be reviewed and informal conversations conducted on a rolling basis by representatives from MSF and WSA.

After review by MSF and WSA, the international helpers will test eligible candidates at the World Congress in Kalimantan:  Candidates are required to attend the testing in person and, if appointed, must attend all MSF meetings at the World Congress. Final appointments are made by the WSA board of directors in accordance with the by-laws of MSF and following the guidance of the international helpers.

For any questions about the role of an MSF trustee or the application process, please contact MSF at: