Gifting | Muhammad Subuh Foundation


The Muhammad Subuh Foundation accepts a variety of gifts from donors. The Foundation does not manage or operate assets and in general gifts are converted to cash. The donor may wish to convert prior to the donation. The following criteria generally define a gift:

  • A gift is motivated by charitable intent.
  • Gifts are irrevocable transfers of assets.
  • Gifts are not generally subject to an exchange of consideration or other contractual duties between the Foundation and the donor.
  • Donors are not provided formal financial accountings. AMSF provides a report to the donor stating the utilization or impact of the gift in its communications.
  • Generally, funds received from individuals, closely held corporations, and family foundations will be classified as gifts.
  • A gift is not completed until it has been accepted by the Foundation, or in the case of securities, bonds or mutual funds, when deposited into the Foundation’s account.

Unless otherwise designated, gifts will be placed in the General Fund.

You may request a personal conversation with a trustee, national liaison, or a member of the executive staff to find out more on how to leave a testament to Subud or make a donation to the Foundation. MSF will treat your inquiries with discretion and confidentiality.