Enterprises | Muhammad Subuh Foundation


“[MSF] is like a go-between, an intermediary body to receive the funds derived from the enterprises of Subud members and distribute them to the various Subud centers for the establishment of latihan premises, guesthouses, hospitals, schools, and the homes required for the old and needy.” Extract from a talk by Bapak; Recording 71 TJD 16, 26 August 1971, Cilandak, Indonesia Copyright © 2007 the World Subud Association

As Bapak reminded us many times, progress in fulfilling Subud’s worldly aims would only come about through enterprise contributions. There are a variety of ways for an enterprise to commit a portion of its annual income to the Foundation. Some entrepreneurs support the Foundation with an ongoing bank transfer to our account with a set percentage that is directly related to the fortunes of their companies.

You may request a personal conversation with a trustee, national liaison, or a member of the executive staff to find out more on how to leave a testament to Subud or make a donation to the Foundation. MSF will treat your inquiries with discretion and confidentiality.