Endowments | Muhammad Subuh Foundation


A nice way to set up your long-term support of Subud is through an endowment. This is a gift of money, property, stock or other assets that can be earmarked to a specific program(s). The Foundation accepts both unrestricted as well as restricted endowments. Or one can support an established endowment. Endowments cannot be changed and become assets of the Foundation.

1) Unrestricted endowments allow your donation to be allocated immediately as a grant, in accordance with conditions stipulated in our bylaws. These endowments are very much appreciated by the Foundation as they allow us to target funds where they are most beneficial.

2) Restricted endowments, often referred to as “permanent endowments”, are funds where the principal is invested and grants are made through interest, dividends and gains generated. The initial minimum balance required to establish a restricted endowment is USD 250,000.

3) Established endowments are managed by the Foundation on behalf of donors. Each of these four endowments has a different purpose with its own specific investment and distribution restrictions.

The General Fund (also known as the Capital Use Fund) includes the Subud House Fund, International Helper Travel Fund, and International Archives Fund.

The Leonard and Aisah Parker Permanent Endowment Fund, also referred to as the “Subud Australia Fund”, was established by Aisah Parker in 2003 for the benefit of Subud houses in Australia.

The Farkas Permanent Endowment Fund, named in honor of Lucienne and Francois (Feri) Farkas, was established by Daniel Magnus Cheifetz in December 1995 to support educational opportunities and programs for young people and to help make Bapak’s talks widely available.

The Bapak Legacy Fund is a permanently restricted fund established in 2000 by Subud USA and adopted by MSF in 2001. The fund principal is held in perpetuity and only the income and appreciation on the funds may be distributed. These funds became available in 2010 for projects such as translations, and Bapak’s talks and Ibu’s talks.

The World Subud Association Endowment Fund, the primary purpose of this permanent endowment fund is to sustain the growth and development of WSA and to support its goals, projects and activities that are consistent with the aims of Subud as defined by our Founder, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo

Whatever approach you take your endowment will benefit Subud in perpetuity as the assets that are generated continue to grow and provide for the needs of both current and future generations.

You may request a personal conversation with a trustee or a member of the MSF Endowment Advisory Committee to find out more about how to set up a fund for your endowment. MSF will treat your inquiries with discretion and confidentiality.