Bequests | Muhammad Subuh Foundation


Bapak confirmed that the role of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation is to serve as the receptacle for bequests from Subud members for the worldwide growth and long-range development of Subud.

The easiest way to make a Planned Gift is by naming the Foundation in your will or trust. This is a meaningful way to sustain the Foundation without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime and leaves a remaining portion of your assets to the Foundation after other terms have been fulfilled.

The bequest indicates the amount of cash or other assets to be given to the Foundation upon your passing. While specific language may vary from country to country it can be as simple as inserting into your will or trust language similar to the following (consult your legal advisor):

“I give and bequeath to the Muhammad Subuh Foundation a non-profit corporation organized in the (insert either)

  • Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, tax exempt number: 52-1742864
  • United Kingdom as a Registered Charity number: 233282

Indicate the amount, percent of estate or particular assets here. The receipt of the chairman or other appointed officer of the Foundation shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for this Bequest to be applied to the general purpose of the Foundation.”

You may request a personal conversation with a trustee, national liaison, or a member of the executive staff to find out more on how to leave a testament to Subud or make a donation to the Foundation. MSF will treat your inquiries with discretion and confidentiality.