Giving to MSF | Muhammad Subuh Foundation

Giving to MSF

Foundation growth is based on bequests and legacies left by Subud members around the world through endowments, gifts, trusts and wills. MSF does not fund raise however, members donations are always welcome. Such bequests might help you to:

  • Consolidate your charitable giving to Subud
  • Find grant making assistance
  • Establish a permanent endowment fund
  • Make sure your wishes will be followed after your lifetime
  • Take advantage of potential tax benefits
  • Support a Subud charitable area of your interest

The Foundation honors the wishes of all donors to ensure their support addresses the purpose for which it was intended and that they are within our mission. Your donation may be made in memory of a relative or friend who has passed on or as a gift marking a special event or celebration. We will recognize your designation in our newsletters aw well as other communications to the Subud community. We also honor requests for anonymity.

The durability of the Foundation is sustained by contributions from the membership. If you are thinking about how to leave your testament for the worldwide growth and long-term development of Subud let the Foundation know by using the Benefactor Commitment Card. This card will assist us with future planning.