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International Helper Travel

The Foundation supports travel for International Helpers through grants to WSA. Each year international helpers travel in each of the three Areas of the globe meeting with Subud groups of all sizes, attending national Subud events and working with national, regional and local helpers. In a typical year, the 18 international helpers make over 80 journeys to approximately 50 countries.

International Helpers visiting Subud group Capetown, South Africa, January 2020, Photo courtesy Valentin Pizzi.

International Helpers visiting Subud Manchester, UK, March 2019, photo courtesy Valentin Pizzi.


“…you go and do latihan and that’s where the miracle happens. In the latihan you completely forget that you are with people from a different culture and afterwards you feel there is no boundary between you…. and you start then to share with people. This is really truly what Bapak meant when he said that you really need to feel one with humanity.” Heloise Jackson, Former International Helper on her visit to Subud Kinshasa, DR Congo.