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Recent News

MSF welcomes new trustee:

Lachlan Hunter form the Christchurch group in New Zealand was recently appointed  as a trustee to the MSF board. Lachlan was opened in Sheffield, England, in 1965, aged 21. He has rotated in and out of the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman in various groups and was treasurer for the 13th Subud World Congress in Christchurch. He also served as a helper during the ’80s. Lachlan will complete the term vacated by Michael van der Matten, who resigned due to other time commitments as a national elder in the UK.

End of Year


I wish to report to all our Subud brothers and sisters that in 2015 the Muhammad Subuh Foundation continued in a positive direction due to the hard work of our dedicated part time staff: Lucian Parshall (Executive Director) and Lillian Shulman (MSF Administrator) and Elwyn Waugh (Accountant) as well as the many volunteer hours that all our trustees invested.

The board of trustees met in April at the beautiful new Subud Washington D.C. center in Maryland, U.S.A. to address unfinished items from Puebla and at the same time improve the cohesiveness of its new appointees. The Washington D.C. location was very convenient and cost effective for the majority of trustees and staff. In September at the recently renovated Santiago center in Chile, the trustees met with both the World Subud Council (WSC) and the World Subud Association (WSA), and focused on developing harmonious working relationships with both. In our effort to resolve ongoing issues and to reduce travel costs, the vast majority of board meetings were held via conference calls. Our administrative staff also met weekly via Skype.

This was our first full year of the new board working together and it was very productive:

  • In 2015, we awarded grants to 10 centers in 7 countries,
  • Thanks to a couple of substantial bequests between 2013-2015, MSF was able to award housing grants totaling USD 195,833,
  • MSF provided two important grants to WSA, helping with international helper travel (USD 30,000) and international archives (USD 141,200),
  • MSF, together with WSA, began drafting revisions of its very dated bylaws in an effort to bring them up to current practice and be in compliance with the latest Virginia U.S.A. regulations,
  • MSF reinitiated its effort to revitalize the only fixed asset MSF maintains: the Gran Salon at Amanecer, Colombia. We began negotiations with Fundacion Amanecer as the management agent of the site in hopes that in two years it will be fully sustainable and locally owned,
  • MSF launched a new category called “Eco-Grants” to fund environmental improvements at Subud centers and in 2015 awarded two USD 5,000 grants,
  • We received a major bequest in December 2015 of USD 511,000 from the estate of the late Henry Herrold, California, U.S.A.; we are very grateful for this extraordinary testament which was added to our General Fund,
  • After several years in the making, the trustees approved a gift acceptance policy as well as a portfolio investment strategy. Both will be reviewed annually,
  • After many years of receiving excellent gratis advice from professional Subud investment specialists, MSF felt it was prudent to appoint their newly founded professional management firm based in the UK (Goldlake Capital) to administer our investments and guide us in our USD 3M+ portfolio,
  • MSF appointed 13 national liaisons in 12 countries to provide information and presentations about our mission at various national, regional and local events; this promotes awareness and provides local contacts for members on how to leave their testament to Subud.

Major tasks for 2016:

  • MSF will continue to increase the amount of funds in its portfolio by encouraging donations through members’ wills and bequests; we will continue to produce materials that assist members in making these arrangements,
  • MSF will continue to expand and strengthen our program of National Liaisons; we hope to produce a MSF video for our liaisons to utilize in their efforts to communicate with their country’s members,
  • MSF will continue to seek financial sustainability for the Gran Salon at Amanecer, Colombia, through its management company, with rentals to viable enterprises, and with the ultimate aim of transferring the ownership and responsibility for the property to a local Subud organization,
  • MSF will have three trustee vacancies in 2016 to fill either with continuing trustees or new additions; new trustees will need to be introduced and acquainted with the duties and responsibilities of their fiduciary role to become effective members of our team; the call for new trustees will be made in the spring 2016,
  • MSF will complete its draft of the revision of our bylaws for approval,
  • MSF will continue to work closely with WSA while retaining our proper role as an autonomous supporting organization to insure a lasting financial capacity for the Subud community.

Last but not least, we wish to thank Michael van der Matten, our former trustee who resigned due to his National Helper commitment in the U.K. He is truly missed.

If you are not receiving our eNewsFlash (twice a year), please contact me and I will see that you get on our email list.

I am very grateful for the tireless work of all trustees, contracted professionals, national liaisons, translators and other volunteers who made 2015 a very successful year.

And may Almighty God bless our work ahead,

Marston Gregory, Chairperson

Muhammad Subuh Foundation

MSF awards final 2015 awards:

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation(MSF) is pleased to announce that during its December board meeting the trustees awarded five grants to the following centers;:

  • Subud Sonoma, California, USA: USD 19,000 to install a French Drain and ramp for barrier free access to the center.
  • Subud Alpujarra, Spain: USD 50,000 towards the construction of a new Subud house at Jaramuza
  • Subud Democratic Republic of Congo: USD 10,548 for the rehabilitation of the Subud house at Kinshasa. This is supplemental to previous funding in 2010 and 2012 for purchase and rehabilitation of the house totaling USD 67,300 including a grant of USD 15,000 from WSA.
  • Subud Cherkassy, Ukraine: USD 9,865. This is supplemental to a May 2015 grant of USD 11,200 for renovations and capital improvements to the roof, bathrooms and for heat insulation. The roof and bathroom are now completed. This supplemental grant is for increased insulation costs, replacement windows, and an unforeseen but necessary reinforcement to the attic floor.

An award was also been approved in principal for Subud Surabaya, Indonesia: USD 22,820 for capital improvement to the roof and termite damage repair. This proposal grant is contingent upon receipt of further information from Subud Surabaya.

The trustees regret that they were not able to fund all the worthy proposals that were submitted and sincerely thank all the applicants for their effort and time developing their proposal.

MSF’s next grant applications submission deadline is May 31st 2016.