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Grant Process 2022


The call for grant proposals for Subud houses was opened from April 1st, 2022 to July 31, 2022.  During this time MSF received several grant proposals. The board of trustees will now review them carefully according to the Foundation’s eligibility criteria. 

In case MSF would need further information about any grant proposal, the administrative staff will get in contact with the applicants. 

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation would like to thank the entire Subud Community for helping us spread the word about this year’s process and especially those Subud groups who applied for a 2022 grant.


We would like to remind our Subud community that MSF does not fund 100% of a project and is usually a supplementary funder, not the primary funder, because of limits on available grant funds. The applications submitted must show firm evidence of other commitments of primary financial support. 

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation encourages applicants to read the Grant Process Guidelines. This document includes all details about the entire process, and a step by step explanation of how to fill in the final Grant Application Form

After reading the Grant Process Guidelines, you will need to complete the Online Pre-Application Questionnaire (once it is available online). This questionnaire will help the MSF trustees and staff ensure that the project meets the basic requirements for a grant before applicants begin the final application process. 

This final stage will require completion of a more detailed Grant Application Form, in which you will be required to upload the project’s supporting documents such as construction permits, business plan, timeline, details of primary funding, etc.  


In case you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to write to MSF at