Application Procedure | Muhammad Subuh Foundation

Application Procedure

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation accepts proposals for the purchase of new facilities or the capital improvement of existing Subud property. Proposals might take several months to prepare prior to submission. It is strongly recommended to submit application as soon as they are complete. Some proposals must be coordinated with one or more affiliates or other members of the World Subud Association to ensure proper due diligence of the project. All applications are reviewed by MSF Trustees, who have the final decision on its approval as well as the amount of the award as well as its approval.

What we do not do
  • Award funds for Subud space on premises owned by an individual or private entity
  • Award funds for the purpose of renting latihan premises (contact the WSA treasurer for this)
  • Send funds for an award to a private bank account
  • Award funds for personal needs or business assistance
  • Award funds for exploratory ‘start up’ or planning purposes
  • Grant awards to organizations that are not legally registered within WSA
  • Award funds for routine repairs and maintenance
  • In general, award a grant to the same group more than once every twenty-four months

2019 grant deadline: July 31, 2019

Seven steps to apply
  1. Read our Grant Application Guide (pdf file below), which describes the grant-making process.
  2. Select and download either form, depending on whether your proposal is for a grant, loan or some other project.
  3. Complete the application. Incomplete applications do result in processing delays.
  4. Send the completed material with all required attachments to the MSF Administrator: Lillian Shulman, at
  5. Attach copies to the relevant WSA organizations or affiliates (under the types of grants tab)
  6. You will receive a confirmation when your application has been received and the anticipated date of review by trustees.
  7. Upon review, you will be notified of the results of the trustees’ decision.

If you are repaying a loan, payments can now be made online through Network for Good

Use the Donate button at the top of this page to access the Network for Good payment form. There you will find a section for special purpose donations. Under the optional drop down menu there is a ‘Loan Payment’ selection at the bottom to make your payment.