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Grant Process 2024



Extended Deadline for MSF Grant Applications for Subud Houses and Capital Improvements 2024

We are pleased to announce that the deadline for submitting your pre-application form has been extended to June 10, 2024.

Please ensure you complete and submit your pre-application here by this new date.


To apply for a Subud House Grant please make sure you complete the following steps.

1. Determine if you meet the criteria
Carefully read the MSF Grant Process Guidelines and the MSF Grant Policy to review all relevant aspects of the process such as MSF policy, ineligible activities, selection criteria and application process, in order to ensure your project meets the eligibility criteria.

2. Submit the Online Pre-application form.
When you are ready to start the grant application process, you will need to submit the Pre-application form, in order to review your project eligibility (available online until May 31, 2024).

Please note that the Pre-application form is a mandatory requirement in order to apply for the MSF grant process.

3. Submit the Online Final application form.
If your project is considered eligible, you will receive a notification with the link to submit the Final Application form where you will be able to provide all the details regarding your project (available until July 31, 2024). 

You can explore the questions of the final application form here, please be aware that this link is only the list of questions and not the application form itself which will be sent to you via email only if your pre-application is considered eligible. 

In case your project does not meet the eligibility criteria you will receive feedback with the relevant aspects that need to be addressed for a future application.

4. Application Assessment
The applications will be reviewed by MSF. During this stage interviews with applicants will be conducted if needed and feedback from International Helpers, Zone Representatives, and the National Committee will be collected.

5. Grant Application Outcomes
The outcome of your grant application will be communicated to you promptly after it is reviewed by the Board of Trustees. In case your application is approved, MSF will contact you to finalize the process.

On the other hand, those Proposals that are not approved will be notified with the proper explanation and relevant aspects that need to be addressed for a future application.

6. Grant Agreement and Transfer of Funds
If the grant is awarded the recipient must sign and return an Agreement Letter which includes the terms and conditions of the.award. Once the agreement letter is signed and returned to MSF funds are ready to be transferred only when they are needed to initiate the project.

Once the transfer is executed MSF informs the grantee of the approximate arrival date of the wire transfer and confirmation is required from the recipient once funds are received. The tracking number and date of the wire will be properly recorded.

If you have any questions about the Application Process, you may contact MSF at


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MSF Grant Policies & Procedures