Grants | Muhammad Subuh Foundation


The Muhammad Subuh Foundation applies due diligence to ensure that grants are distributed equitably to the Subud community and have maximum impact, always in strict compliance with U.S. tax regulations and Foundation stipulations that govern charitable giving internationally.

Grants are the cornerstone of the Foundation. They represent both the Foundation’s mission as well as our donors commitment to further Bapak’s vision. Each year we review large and small proposals to determine if they meet the Foundation’s requirements and standards to award a grant.

While the Foundation respects autonomy over the management of the project by the grantees, all recipients must sign a letter of agreement to abide by specific terms and conditions to receive the funds. These conditions include submitting written reports that contain a detailed description of what was accomplished by the use of the funds, and a financial statement reporting, in U.S. dollars, all expenditures of the funds

Such conditions are necessary to comply with the US Homeland Security Act ensuring that no portion of the funds were used to engage in, support, or promote violence, terrorist activity, or related training of any kind, whether directly through the Subud group’s own activities and programs or indirectly through its support of, or cooperation with, other persons and organizations engaged in such activities.