The Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF) honors the name of Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo. It is the foundation that partners with the World Subud Association to support Bapak’s vision of Subud as being an active and beneficial force for all of humankind.

The purpose of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation is to build a capital fund to sustain its mission. This capital fund maintains and invests Subud assets received through donations and bequests from members and enterprises.

The mission of the Foundation is to foster the worldwide growth and long-term development of Subud through the Latihan kejiwaan as our founder, Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, originally received it. In 2015, the Foundation sought to achieve its mission by directing its resources towards three objectives:

  • Supporting Subud groups in the purchase and improvement of their Subud properties.
  • Supporting the travel of our international helpers to work with local and regional helpers in countries around the world.
  • Providing funds that help preserve Bapak and Ibu’s material relating to the development of Subud.
  • Funds permitting MSF supports affiliates (called Wings) recognized by the WSA that promote cultural, educational, social, and humanitarian work for the human community.

Subud members and Subud enterprises made this possible through generous donations, bequests and endowments. Through prudent investment and management of these assets, the Foundation hopes to ensure the financial stability needed to support our world-wide growth into the future.

MSF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA.